The Goal of Our Brand

My Sunshine Lady was created with a single goal in mind: to assist you in regaining your smile and becoming the best version of yourself. The brand emerged from a period of turmoil in an urban apartment, but with the best of intentions and the goal of winning your heart. The founder is a firm believer in the adage, "Love yourself and the world will love you back." We imagine a world in which women are self-assured, resilient, and capable of smiling in the face of adversity. We'll be there for you with everything from daily necessities to life's special occasions.

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  • About our Silver/Gold Materials

    Every jewellery in our shop is sterling silver or gold vermeil/extra thick 18k gold plated on 925 silver, and our products are thicker than the industry standard. Even though extra real 18k gold is more expensive, we believe that long-lasting jewelry experiences are important to our customers.

  • About our Pearls

    Every pearl in our items, especially pearl necklaces, is hand-selected. Freshwater pearls and baroque pearls are the two main types of pearls that we currently use. Please keep in mind that we do have pearl-style items that are not real pearls; they are usually obvious, and they are only for styling purposes. You can also find the materials in the item details.

  • About our Rings

    Are you hesitant to purchase rings because you are unsure of the exact number? Do you want to experiment with different finger wears? No problem, we have a large selection of adjustable open rings for you! Please purchase it in the sizes suggested on our website.

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